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Marc Turner is the author of the epic fantasy series, The Chronicles of the Exile.
Book one, When The Heavens Fall, was published in 2015.
Book two, Dragon Hunters, is out in the US and the UK in February 2016, and Book three, Red Tide, will follow in September 2016.

  • "A compelling read brimming with magic and action, scheming and intrigue. WHEN THE HEAVENS FALL is an impressive debut. I look forward to Read More
  • "Marc Turner's WHEN THE HEAVENS FALL is a beautifully imagined and complex tale of gods and guardians, death magic and costly healing, betrayal Read More
  • "Marc Turner has created a powerful fantasy where mystery and magic pervade each character, each quest, each corner of a vast and vibrant Read More
  • "What a great read! Characters the reader cares deeply about get caught up in a truly titanic struggle, the action becomes breakneck-swift, and Read More
  • "A classic epic fantasy, with a complex world, interesting characters and plenty of action."—Gail Z. Martin, author of Reign of Ash Read More
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